Technology platforms

The Nîmes IUT has developed a number of technology platforms, always with a view to transferring technology to companies. These technological platforms give IUT students an introduction to Research & Development, and put the IUT's resources, student motivation and the skills of its technicians and teaching teams at the service of companies.

The activities of technology platforms can range from diagnostics to research into innovative processes and technological services.

  • The "smart home": dedicated to experimentation and training in the tools, techniques and connected objects that are constantly evolving.
  • The Electric Vehicle Powertrain Solutions technology platform: which develops simple, robust electric powertrains.
  • Batim'Handicap: to raise awareness of PRM issues in the home, and to develop and test products.
  • The Anamat platform: to analyze the microstructure and behavior of materials.
  • The additive manufacturing platform: at the Plate Forme Technologique du Gard, we offer a wide range of expertise and resources for 3D additive manufacturing.
  • The Nîmes branch of the Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier: which develops nano-satellites (mechanical structure, power card, antenna system, etc.).

The IUT de Nîmes also has a learning lab and a learning center, offering collaborative work spaces with modular furniture, interactive boards and screens, videoconferencing and writing walls.

Always on the lookout for new technologies and in close contact with the research laboratories of the University of Montpellier, we regularly upgrade our platforms to keep them at a high technological level that is affordable for our students.