BUT SGM / Materials science and engineering


  • Recycling and materials recovery professions
  • Materials and product engineering professions
  • Professions in characterization and expertise of materials and products

Work-study program available from 2nd year (apprenticeship and professionalization contracts)

All our courses are open to continuing education (salaried employees, individuals or job-seekers), subject to validation of the prerequisites required and the terms and conditions of each course.

the diploma
  • Level 6: Bachelor's degree, 180 ECTS
  • Skills-based approach
  • 3-year integrated curriculum
  • International mobility made easy
  • Training strongly structured around professional situations
the sgm goal on video

The B.U.T.Science et Génie des Matériaux (Science and Materials Engineering) program aims to train high-performance graduates with an analytical and synthesizing mind and a real industrial vision.

proposed routes

The SGM department offers 3 courses starting in the 2nd year:

  • Recycling and materials recovery professions
  • Materials and product engineering professions
  • Professions in characterization and expertise of materials and products
target skills

Skills common to all 3 courses :

  • Developing materials
  • Eco-design: from material to product
  • Shaping materials
  • Characterize materials and products

Specific skills :

Careers in Recycling and Materials Recovery :

  • Enhancing the value of a material derived from a product

Materials and product engineering course:

  • Developing a product from concept to completion

Professions in characterization and expertise of materials and products :

  • Assessing materials and products
training organization

Start date: September.
Duration: 3 years.
Hourly volume: 2000h
Hourly volume of tutored projects: 600h
Internship: 26 weeks over the 3 years
Assessment method: Continuous assessment.
Alternance: possible from 2nd year onwards



Learning and Assessment Situations (LAS):

  • SAé 1-1 : Follow-up protocol for the elaboration of a material
  • SAE 1-2 : Study the materials of an industrial product
  • SAé 1-3 : Understand shaping protocols and safety rules
  • SAé 1-4: Measurement and comparison of common material properties
  • Portfolio

Resources (materials)

  • Discovering materials
  • Metallic materials
  • Polymer materials 1
  • Ceramic and glass materials
  • Polymer materials 2
  • Technical drawing
  • Characterization
  • Basic chemistry
  • Physics basis
  • Basic mathematics
  • Material structure
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Applied physics
  • Mathematics
  • Expression and communication
  • Languages
  • PPP


Learning and Assessment Situations (LAS):

  • SAé 2-1 : Study the influence of processing parameters on material properties
  • SAé 2-2 : Design, production and validation of a simple product
  • SAé 2-3 : Impact of a shaping process on the final product
  • SAé 2-4 : Measuring material properties
  • Portfolio

Resources (materials)

  • Composite materials 1
  • Metallic materials
  • Ceramic and glass materials
  • Bio-sourced materials and agro-materials 1
  • Bio-sourced materials and agro-materials 2
  • Composite materials 2
  • Technical drawing
  • Characterization
  • Strength of materials
  • Heat transfer
  • Material structure
  • Mathematics
  • Expression and communication
  • Languages
  • PPP
further studies

The SGM program is highly generalist, offering students a wide range of career options. Many choose the materials field (generalist, composite, polymers, ceramics, wood, etc.), but there are also fields such as industrial design, packaging, production, mechanical design, aeronautical design and maintenance.
Others opt for a dual skill set: technical and commercial. Finally, some choose to apply their knowledge of materials and science in other fields, such as civil engineering (architect, building).

The following options are available to you:

  • You can continue your studies for a short period of time, with a professional license, to discover another profession or to specialize.
  • Long-term study in engineering school.

Long-term studies that students have entered in previous years:

  • Generalist courses : INSA de LYON, ENI (Tarbes and Saint Etienne); ISTP, POLYTECH, ISITV (Toulon), ESIREM (Dijon), UTBM (Belfort), UTT (Troyes), ENSCPB (Bordeaux), ECAM (Lyon), ICAM (Lille),
  • Nuclear and chemistry: PHELMA (Grenoble), ISTP (Saint Etienne), ENSIACET (Toulouse)
  • Ceramics: ENSCI (Limoges), ENSIL (Limoges)
  •  Polymer and composite: ESPA (ALENCON), COMPOSITEC (Lac du Bourget)
  • Textiles: ENSAIT (Roubaix), ISTIL (Lyon)
  • Packaging: ESIREIMS,
  • Industrial design: ISDValencienne, UTC...
  • Sales technician: IAE
  • Building: Master GC (La Rochelle)
business sectors and professions

All sectors that use the material: aeronautics, boating, leisure, construction, automobile manufacturing, energy (nuclear and wind power in particular)...

The highly cross-disciplinary nature of the training, and the importance given to the analysis of phenomena, mean that the SGM technician is highly versatile, and finds a place in all sectors of activity. It's up to each student to build his or her own career path, in order to find the job that will allow him or her to flourish.

Some examples of jobs held by former SGM Nîmes students:

  • Technical Packaging Sales for industry. He works with customers to study the feasibility of designing highly technical packaging.
  • Quality control manager at Mäder Composite.
  • Polymer materials development technician. In an SME, she tests and participates in the formulation of new resins.
  • Automotive designer (concept car). He works with CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design the cars of tomorrow. His training in materials and processes enables him to make innovative choices.
  • Soil survey technician in civil engineering.
recruitment and admissions

BAC Général: recommended specialties

Mathematics + Physics-Chemistry or Engineering Sciences - any other speciality on request

General BAC obtained before 2021: BAC S

Technological BAC: STI - STL

Application in January on Parcoursup

Evaluation criteria for admission :

  • Feedback from teaching staff, class council and motivation for the course of study
  • French and language notes
  • First and final year grades in science subjects
  • Possibly a motivation interview

All our training courses are open to continuing education(employees, individuals or job-seekers), subject to validation of the required prerequisites.Access can also be gained through Validation of Acquired Skills and Experience (VAE, VAP or VES). Contact the Continuing Education Department of the University of Montpellier - Nîmes Office


Professional integration

Alexis - 2002 : Methods office technician, ATOS RACKS

2000 - 2002: DUT SGM Nîmes

2002 - 2008: Drafting of satellite panel manufacturing ranges, product assembly, progress of non-conformities. THALES

Since 2008: Creation of the methods department in the rack assembly sector.

"The training I followed at the IUT in SGM gave me general knowledge in the field of physical chemistry, but above all a concrete approach to all the applications of the technician's job. In order to diversify, and as a young graduate, I wanted to move into different positions over a period of 5 years in very different fields: university preparator in an optics laboratory, technician at Beton de France, micro graphic designer at SNECMA (Safran group), aerospace methods technician at Thalès Alenia Space, all on fixed-term and permanent contracts. There's such a wide range of sectors and opportunities, and I've never really had any trouble finding a job. Opportunities to move into a management position are surprisingly quick and easy. This profession has also enabled me to have a comfortable financial situation. As a result, I took 2 years off to travel and settle in New York and then Berlin. My goal after this break is to take up an R&D position in industry that will enable me to travel. When you have an accomplished SGM profile, you can make demands!"

Rémi - 2009: Geotechnical technician, ESG Méditerranée

2007 - 2009: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes

"Following my end-of-year internship in Materials Science and Engineering at GINGER CEBTP in Montpellier, I've been offered a permanent contract with the same company. I use my knowledge of materials and apply my logic and thinking to deal with all kinds of problems. Within this company, I've been able to broaden my range of skills, thanks to in-situ testing and learning new tests in the laboratory.

After 2 years, I was offered a position as a senior geotechnical technician with ESCG Méditerranée, where I've now been working for 1 year.

Alexandre - 2015 : R&D Technician, mechanical testing and applications, SICOMIN

2013-2015: DUT SGM

"The DUT SGM provided me with both theoretical knowledge and technical skills, particularly in composite materials, which enabled me to be operational as soon as I joined the company. Indeed, a large part of my work involves carrying out mechanical tests (traction, flexion, compression, etc.) similar to those I carried out during the DUT. Today, I'm perfectly at ease in my job, where I'm constantly progressing from a technical point of view, and where my knowledge of materials comes in handy on a daily basis".

Quality control - Process

Yoann - 2007: Multimaterials and Composite Structure Engineer, AET Sogeti High Tech, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS

2005-2007 : Formation : DUT SGM Nîmes
2007-2009 : Licence en alternance chef de projet en matériaux composite (compositec Chambery) entreprise AEDS Astrium
2009 - 2011:Master en alternance Multimatériaux et Structures Composites(Université de Bordeaux 1) entreprise AEDS Astrium

"My work involves different facets: monitoring non-conformities on composite parts at Eurocopter, implementing corrective actions, following up actions and creating indicators reporting on the department's activity."

Nicolas - 2001: R&D Manager, Sumica Polymer Compounds

1999 - 2001: DUT SGM Nîmes

2001 - 2003: University of Mareille - IUP Materials, polymer materials option

2003 - 2004: Proces manager - Asahi Thermofil
Since 2004: R&D manager at Sumica Polymer Compounds

"After completing my studies at the IUT, I spent 2 years at the IUP matériaux de marseille, specializing in organic materials.
I'm currently technical manager, quality control laboratory manager and development manager at SUMIKA polymer compounds.
My job is to formulate and provide technical assistance to our sales department, and to promote our product range from a technical point of view to carmakers and first-tier equipment manufacturers. I also advise our management on the technical choice of machines and on problem-solving.
Teaching at the IUT enabled me to learn about most of the analysis techniques now used in our field. I also acquired a multi-disciplinary education, which enables me to talk to some of our customers when they need to change materials (e.g. from metal to plastics). I also learned a lot about composites and RDM.

Business Manager - Management

Cyril - 1999: Site Manager at Sagem Toulouse, Sagem Groupe SAFRAN

1997-1999: DUT SGM - IUT de Nîmes
2001-2002: Maitrise en Management de la Qualité en alternance - Montpellier/EPFL Lausanne
2015: Certification Green Belt - Lean 6 Sigma
Positions held:
1999-2001 : Aeronautical composites technician at JCB Aéro in Aubais (30) -Manufacturing/repair of composite parts for the aeronautical industry
2001-2002: Assistant to the Quality Manager at SABENA TECHNICS in Nîmes-Garons (30) - Aeronautical maintenance
2002-2004: Customer Quality Manager at GESPAC then at LATELEC
2005 to present: Site Manager at Sagem in Toulouse (31) - Manufacture of navigation aids for the aeronautical industry

"The SGM course at the Nîmes IUT was first and foremost a great human adventure for me. After all these years, I'm still in contact with my former classmates. The course itself enabled me to discover and acquire a broad knowledge of materials and other subjects such as quality and metrology.
Even though I moved away from the materials branch fairly quickly, the demanding nature of the training helped me a lot when I had to adapt to other fields such as aeronautical maintenance, electronics or aeronautical wiring.
Even today, when I can contribute my experience, I draw on my knowledge acquired at the IUT SGM (e.g.: Mx to be used on an avionics ECU housing, surface treatment...)".

Oliver - 2008 : Bid Manager, Thales (Brazil)

2006-2008: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2008-2011: MScBusiness Engineer

"After graduating with a Bac Scientifique, I headed for a Mat Sup preparatory class (PCSI) because I didn't know what I wanted to do, and it would at least give me some working methods. But it wasn't for me, as I felt the need to train in a context where the practical side of science was just as important as theoretical concepts. The DUT SGM provided me with this without closing any doors, as it enables me to work in all sectors of industry: aeronautics, civil engineering, energy, transport...
Following the DUT SGM, I went on to study for an MSc in Business Engineering, to complement my technical training with managerial and commercial training. Thanks to these dual skills, I joined major groups such as Thales (aeronautics & defense) and Schneider Electric (electrical industry), first as a Business Engineer, then as Business Development Manager (one-year V.I.E. assignment in Brazil).
Today I'm back with the Thales Group in São Paulo - Brazil as Bid Manager. It's a job akin to that of an orchestra conductor, because I have to get everyone to work as a team. I prospect the technical projects that are going to be launched, then I study the viability of the project from a technical point of view with the engineers, the operations and quality departments, and finally I look with the financiers at our commercial positioning so as to be in the best position to win the tender.
In each of my jobs, the DUT SGM has given me added value through: the wide range of subjects taught, the general scientific culture acquired & the work methods taught. I'm very attached to the highly competent teaching staff, whom I hold in high esteem.

Sylvain - 2008 : Project Manager at BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE

2006-2008: DUT in Materials Science and Engineering at Nîmes IUT
2008-2010: Methods Agent at Airbus
2011-now: Change Management then Project Manager at Bombardier Aerospace

"Originally, it was by default and above all with no regrets that I took the SGM course at the IUT in Nîmes.
Studying the main families of materials, their characterization, processing and use, enabled me to acquire solid multi-disciplinary knowledge, as well as developing a particular interest in composite materials. It was therefore natural for me to pursue my studies at Compositec
in Chambéry. I was lucky enough to join Airbus (a subsidiary of Aérolia) to work on the carbon nose fuselage for the A350-XWB.
This was followed by a 6-month break in Australia to perfect my English (and my surfing!). On my return I applied for a job in Canada with Bombardier Aerospace, in Montreal, where I still live today.
I worked for a year and a half in Configuration Management/Change Management on the structure of the CSeries, a commercial aircraft. And for the last 6 months, I've been a project manager in a team of methods experts developing the interior layout of the new Global 7000 and 8000 business jets.

Jérémy - 2009 : Business Engineer, CEA Marcoule

2007-2009: DUT in Materials Science and Engineering (IUT Nimes)
2009-2011: Bachelor's degree in Physics (Université Montpellier II)
2011-2013: Master's degree in Traceability and Sustainable Development Engineering

Positions held:
January - August 2013:CEA Marcoule: intern, up to project manager.

"The DUT SGM gave me a rich and varied education in materials, their characterization and mechanics. It was during these two years that I developed an attraction for the nuclear sector through courses on glasses and ceramics, materials characterization and finally my internship at the Marcoule site. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in physics, I entered the Traceability and Sustainable Development Engineering Master's program, which focused mainly on the nuclear sector. As I chose to study the dismantling of nuclear facilities, the courses in mechanics, industrial design and the use of 3D modeling software were particularly beneficial, whether in the classroom, during an internship or as part of a work-study program (dismantling scenario study)".

Research and development - Design

Yann - 2001: Research and Development Manager, OSIC

1999 - 2001: DUT SGM Nîmes
2001 - 2002: Technician then project manager at " espace composite ", a company specializing in the manufacture of high-performance carbon masts.

2003 - 2013: R&D manager and co-manager ofBontoux orthopedics company

  • creation of a production unit for orthotics and composite prosthetics design and production of articulations for orthotics (1st patent)
  • development of several carbon overpedal orthosis concepts (foot lifters)
  • development of a silicone process for the production of aesthetic prostheses
  • development and integration of a machining robot (2nd patent)
  • development of a re-education device (3rd patent)

"Self-training has played an important role in my career (robotics and software), but the SGM course in Nîmes provided me with concepts that I still use in my professional life:
- general scientific training (mathematics, physics, mechanics, optics, fluid mechanics, chemistry),
- general knowledge and properties of different materials,
- knowledge of the different application processes.

Sébastien - 2002: Test and Measurement Manager, Solios Carbone

2000 - 2002: DUT SGM Nîmes

2002 - 2003: R&D Technician - Carbone Savoie - R&D study for the manufacture of carbon cathodes for the aluminum industry.

2003 - 2005: Testing Technician - Mondi Packaging - Physical and chemical testing of raw materials and finished products, quality control.

2006 - 2008: Tyco Waterworks - Test Station Technician - Testing and development of new products in the field of drinking water distribution network regulation.

Since 2008 - Test and Measurement Manager - Solios Carbone - R&D studies, process expertise, technical responses to new projects in the field of carbon anode manufacturing for the primary aluminum industry.

" The training provided by the IUT SGM enabled me to acquire broad skills and knowledge concerning all types of materials. This versatility has been reflected in my career path, which I have deliberately focused on R&D, while giving me the opportunity to discover several fields and work on different types of materials (paper/cardboard, cast iron, coke, pitch, aluminum). Today, I design new equipment and improve the carbon anode manufacturing process for the primary aluminum industry, and provide technical support to project teams in the design of new production plants.

Nicolas - 2009: Recycling company manager

2007 - 2009: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2009-2010: Polytech Annecy-Chambery
2010-2011: Licence Pro " Design de Produitenalternance à l'Ecole de Design de Nantes ".

"I'm now a graduate and had several options open to me, continuing on to a Master's degree in Design in Bordeaux for the start of the new academic year in September 2013 or accepting the contract offered at the end of my work-study year. But today, my entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever, and I'm involved in a project to set up a business in the waste management sector (manufacturing products for private individuals). Today, the SGM training enables me to give credibility to my position in the company, thanks to my in-depth technical knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes".

Felix - 2009: Designer, Howl Studio (Sweden)

2007 - 2009 : DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2009 - 2010 : DUETI
2011-2013 : Master Design ISD Valenciennes.
2014 - now : Designer at HOWL in Stockholm

"After my STI mechanical engineering baccalaureate, I did a DUT SGM. During my final year internship at Numero design, I discovered design and digital design in particular.
After the IUT, I went abroad on an Erasmus exchange (2010 - 2011) to Denmark to do a DUETI. During this year I was able to learn English and deepen my knowledge of Design. It was a culturally enriching experience.
I then went on to do a Master's degree in Digital Design at ISD in Valenciennes.
During these 3 years I developed my knowledge of 3D software. I discovered rendering software for creating realistic images from 3D models.
The international bug hasn't left me, and I'm currently doing an internship in Sweden with Howl Studio. I'm in charge of the 3D modeling of various objects created within the studio.
My DUT SGM enables me to talk to the designers about the processes that will be used for future production. I'm the link between the engineers and the marketing manager.

Lucile - 2010 : Composite Computing Engineer, SAFRAN ENGINEERING SERVICES

2008-2010 : DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2010-2013:Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles de Roubaix

"Following my BAC S in Engineering Sciences, I chose to do a DUT SGM (which was my first choice) instead of a preparatory class, so as to acquire technical skills rather than theoretical ones.
After the DUT, I enrolled at theEcole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT)in Roubaix, where I was able to acquire additional skills and improve my knowledge of composites.
In both engineering school and DUT, I had the opportunity to do internships in different positions (production, quality or R&D), which gave me a better idea of what I was interested in.
Following my final year project, I was hired by SafranEngineering Services, in the Composite Innovations department. I'm now working as an engineer in an aeronautical design office, with dual skills in calculations and textiles. I'm still using the knowledge I acquired in my DUT.
One of the strengths of the DUT SGM in Nîmes is that it provides a wide range of knowledge over 2 years, enabling each student to find his or her own specialty. What's more, it's a course that gives you the opportunity to meet professionals and prepares you for the world of work.The SGM course offered by the Nîmes IUT enabled me to learn a great deal about materials engineering, for which the SGM course at the IUT had already introduced me to a large number of fundamental concepts.Skills in metallurgy and sample preparation and analysis (although I admit that I should have paid more attention in this subject, which is admittedly rather tough, but remains the basic family of materials. Especially in my current field of activity).
I also really enjoyed the damage analysis modules (even more so since the start of my apprenticeship, I've kept some of the basics), the one on magnetic properties and all the modules on composites (TP and TD) with the speakers from Matériaux Ingénierie. "

Justine - 2009 : Assistant project manager,RCP Design Global

2007 to 2009: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2009 to 2010: Bachelor's degree in Denmark
2010 to 2012: Master Global Design(Nancy)

"After my DUT in materials engineering, I went to study for a year in Denmark. It was such an enriching experience on a human, cultural and personal level that I recommend it to all students! When I came back to France, I joined a Global Design master's program at theNancy Ecole des Mines. At the end of that year, I did an internship with a young start-up publishing design and hand-crafted furniture. Then I continued my second year atthe ENSGSI in Nancy, choosing the option: Management of Innovation and Industrial Design. To validate my master's degree, I did my internship with a design agency specializing in public transport and sensory design: RCP Design Global, in Tours. At the end of my internship, I was hired as assistant project manager.
One of the strong points of my hiring was my cross-disciplinary background and the fact that I had studied materials, which gave me an "expert" approach to software design.
I'd always wanted to work in industrial design, and now I've done it, and I'm delighted! "

Dual skills

Pascal - 2005 : Sales Area Manager - Southern France, TESA SAS

2005 to 2007: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2007 to 2009: Bachelor's degree ininternational industrial sales

2009 to 2014: Exclusive sales representative for WÜRTH France

2015 to present: Industry Sales Manager - Grand Sud region - TESA France

"The DUT SGM is much more than just a tool in my day-to-day work, it's a real culture that enables me to navigate between the different types of professions and departments I encounter every day in my commercial life. From the design office to quality control, via the methods and industrialization departments, all issues can be dissected and exploited, and it's all the easier to pass on to non-technical contacts information that at first seemed difficult to grasp.

The program is comprehensive and covers a very broad spectrum of industrial activities and processes, with a very (too) strong polymer focus. A real point of differentiation for those wishing to have a well-stocked toolbox and a wide choice of career paths."

Christophe - 2000: Purchasing Manager, ARDAH

1998-2000 : DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2000-2003 : Ecole d'emballage:ESIEC
2003-2012 : Technico commercial chez CELLUTEC
2012- ce jour : Sales manager che zARDAH
Sales manager for aluminum and tinplate aerosols. Management of key accounts.

"For several years now, I've been in direct contact with major players in the cosmetics, perfume, luxury goods, automotive and nuclear industries, to meet the needs expressed by these customers. Understanding and anticipating their expectations, and arguing the technical choices proposed are skills acquired throughout my professional career. But the IUT is certainly the first technical step that lays the foundations for these skills, which will only need to be developed and capitalized on through professional experience. When I entered the IUT, my sole objective was to graduate with a BAC+2. Today, after 10 years in technical sales, my status has evolved over time and, looking back, I'm aware that I was lucky enough to make the right choices at the right time, including joining the IUT SGM in Nîmes. Thank you to the teaching teams at IUT SGM and ESIEC".


Norbert - 2008: Project Manager, Parfums Christian Dior

2006-2008: DUT SGM - IUT Nîmes
2008-2011: ESI Reims (ex-ESIEC) in Packaging and Packing

"As a member of the class of 2011, I completed two 9-month internships at Hermès Parfums before joining Interparfums after graduating.

Working for major luxury brands, my company develops and markets the perfume segment of these major houses. Within the company, my role as packaging engineer extends from the marketing brief to making the products ready to be shipped and marketed worldwide.
The multi-disciplinary nature of the DUT SGM is one of the things I appreciated most. It enables everyone to find what they're looking for, but above all it prepares them for a working life where versatility is the key word.
The SGM course gave me a solid grounding in the materials I use every day to design new products. The courses in technical drawing, part stacking calculations and material resistance now enable me to choose the best materials, validate technical plans and launch production of industrial molds for glass/plastic or zamac parts at the origin of tomorrow's perfumes".

the +s

Projects carried out with industrial customers (unique organization in France), giving students autonomy and responsibility

Alternative teaching methods: escape game, serious game, Hackathon